Healthiest Chicken Wraps From Heaven

My Invention again

Take 400 Gms of chicken breast and add the following spices after cutting it into small chunks


Onion – 2 Slices
Tomatoes – 2 sliced and seeds removed
Fresh mint leaves (Do not miss)
Cheese slice 

Kitchen king masala
Generous amount of black pepper
Salt to taste
kitchen king Masala
Keya Oregano seasoning



Cook it in an idli maker with 1 glass of water by greasing the pits lightly for 25 minutes on medium heat.

Cut Lettuce, Mint leaves, Onion Tomatoes and chop the chicken once done.


place cheese slice on tortilla/roti and assemble.

ready for pet pooja

I believe one of the lightest dinner one can have. By the way, the water remaining in the idli maker is a chicken soup in the cup. DELICIOUS!